What is Body Mass Index and what is a Body Mass Index calculator? Calculating your ideal weight.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) for assessing ideal weight is based on height and is a World Health Organisation recommended benchmark. It does not have a fixed value, but is set between ranges precisely in order to provide psychological comfort with the weight considered normal.

The method of calculating the body mass index involves using a formula whereby weight, expressed in kilograms, is divided by the square of the height expressed in metres.

Basically, the calculation of ideal weight , is a system to indicate underweight or obesity and was developed in medicine to measure the amount of fat in the body. Also, thanks to the indicators obtained, it is possible to study and associate various pathologies from which the patient suffers.

Body mass index calculator

What is the ideal weight

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Ideal weight for age and gender according to body mass index

In calculating the ideal weight the doctor will always take into account the patient’s particularities and will calculate the weight according to the patient’s age, height, gender, state of health based on essential information from the medical history such as height, age, gender, illnesses suffered to date, medical restrictions or recommendations, etc.

What are the complications of obesity

Obesity is actually a nutritional disease in which our body accumulates fat and basically causes an above-average increase in body weight, with serious repercussions on our health. If we leave aesthetics aside, when we are overweight our quality of life will be greatly diminished, our movements will be heavy, we tire quickly, we no longer want to exert ourselves and we experience pain in our spine, joints, ankles and calves. In addition, palpitations, shortness of breath and all organs can suffer.
In severe cases there may be cardiovascular complications, dyspnoea, digestive or bone complications.

Whatever the nature of these complications, there are remedies to get rid of this disease, which afflicts a large part of the population, including very young people. A combination of exercise and a balanced diet can be your passport to a better life. The first step is to seek specialist help and not make your own diet by ear.And exercise sets can be designed specifically for you, depending on what kind of condition you have. But a long walk, minimum 30-45 minutes, is like a miracle drug that is sure to make you better. In addition, movement in nature will give you both physical and emotional satisfaction.

Bariatric surgery or obesity surgery – an effective remedy in the fight against obesity

It was developed to treat obesity and weight loss through medical procedures. They are recommended for patients who have a high body mass index and where diets associated with an active lifestyle have not worked. They include procedures such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. The modern techniques used balance the body and decrease food intake. The body will gradually consume the existing excess fat and fat tissue will decrease.

The patient will gradually return to the desired weight but will not suddenly lose all the unwanted kilos after the operation. In other words, the weight loss will be gradual, as the body gets used to an optimal food balance again. Find out more about gastric sleeve – what it is, advantages, how much weight loss, diet after gastric sleeve.

The important thing is to follow your doctor’s advice, because there will be a number of small restrictions, especially at the beginning, but with a lot of willpower you can take important steps towards a normal and balanced life, as you want.