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Last updated: 26.12.2019


The content of the website is protected by copyright laws. All rights are reserved to VenArt Clinic. All materials (including, without limitation, all articles, text, images, logos and design) contained in this site are protected by copyright laws and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or published without the written permission of VenArt Clinic. It is forbidden to modify the content of these pages, as well as to copy, distribute, transmit, publish, reproduce, create derivative works from any information or service obtained from or through the site.

However, it is possible to download or copy specific materials available for this purpose. As they are intended exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes, their use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

For any questions or requests for use of the materials on this website, you can contact us by email.

In order to answer users’ questions and to obtain access data on our website, it may be necessary to provide personal information, such as e-mail and telephone number. However, this information will not be used to transmit other information about our services.

VenArt Clinic is committed to ensuring the privacy of visitors to its website. No personal information will be transmitted to third parties, with the exception of third party partners who ensure the proper functioning of this site.

General information, site traffic and other statistical information that does not contain personal data may be provided to third parties.

This site uses technologies that allow the collection of certain technical information about the user: Internet address, operating system used, browser type, and information about traffic on our site.

All this information collected through the site by VenArt Clinic is intended to help improve its services.

Depending on the number of missed appointments, the company reserves the right to limit the access to appointments of the respective client.

Use of Cookies

The following information is intended to provide visitors with more information about the placement, use and management of cookies used by

You can find below details as well as other links with general information on the use of cookies. Please read the information below carefully. If you would like more information on the use of cookies, you can contact us by email.

Cookies are very small files stored on your computer when you visit Your computer automatically recognises and accepts these files through the browser you are using.

Cookie files are not dangerous and should not be treated by any user as a virus or as a type of file that can damage the computer. The browser used allows you to set and limit the collection of cookie files.

Why do we use cookies?

Commercial and marketing information is stored through cookies. This type of file is used for different purposes:

  • to continuously improve the user experience of
  • to learn more about how visitors interact with the content of our website, with the aim of increasing satisfaction with all categories of services offered by VenArt Clinic
  • Cookies are necessary for the full functioning of the services offered by the website.
  • Cookies provide us with feedback on the use of the site, helping us to continuously improve the browsing experience on the website.
  • For web analytics this site uses the Google Analytics service. It uses cookies. In this case the cookies save information about the use of the site, the number of pages viewed, the sources from which visitors to the site come and the number of visits, with the same objective of improving the site and user experience.
  • To improve the effectiveness of online advertising.
  • To optimise site performance (content load time).

Cookies cannot be used to identify individuals, they are used for statistical purposes only.

How long does a cookie last?

The length of time a cookie is stored varies depending on the purpose for which it is placed.

  • Session cookies – are used for a single session and are only retained for the duration of a single visit to the site by the user and are not stored after the user has left the site.
  • Permanent cookies – other cookies are stored for a longer period of time and are used when the user returns to the website.

All these categories of cookies can be deleted by the user at any time via the browser settings. If you do not accept cookies, no information will be saved.

How can cookies be turned off?

Disabling, refusing to accept the use of cookies may make certain sites difficult to view.

Current browsers offer users the ability to change and manage cookie settings.

You can access these settings from the menu of the browser you are using. For more details on how to manage cookies in your browser you can access the “Help” section of your browser.

For more details on the usual cookie settings, we suggest you visit the following links.

If you want to learn more about cookies and how to use them, you can check the links below:

Processing of personal data

The organizer undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of patients’ personal data and to use them in accordance with the legislation in force. All persons benefit from the rights provided by Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of personal data including but not limited to processing/storage/archiving/right to information (art.12)/right of access to data (art.13)/right of intervention on data (art.14)/right of objection (art.15)/right not to be subject to an individual decision (art.17) and right of recourse to justice (art.18)/etc.