Health Insurance

Highest standards

Depending on the needs of each individual or company, there is at least one type of personalized private health insurance!

When the condition starts to make its presence felt, you need to purchase effective medical services quickly, to the highest quality standards, right from the first symptoms.

Because health comes first in everyone’s life, we recommend our reliable partners who can help you keep your health in optimal and normal parameters, without worrying about the costs of medical tests and interventions.

Allianz Țiriac

Private Health Insurance - SANAPRO is a flexible, modular product that allows the insurance to be configured according to the applicant's needs.

NN Asigurari

NN Asigurari policyholders have access to VenArt's hospitalisation and surgical services, which are paid for directly on the basis of contractual cover.


Signal Iduna policyholders have access to VenArt's hospital and surgical services, which are paid for directly on the basis of contractual cover.


Medicover is the only provider with the dual status of insurer and healthcare provider offering health insurance services for employees to companies in Romania.

Star BT

At VenArt you can pay for medical services in 6 interest-free instalments with the STAR BT - Banca Transilvania card.

Sano Pass

SanoPass policyholders have direct and fast access, just 2 clicks away, to the medical diagnostic and treatment services offered by VenArt on the basis of the individual subscription.

Health Insurance - Partners

Your health is our priority. Your health insurance is designed to cover the costs of medical services when you face health problems, from the mildest to the most complex.

State health insurance, which is compulsory, gives you access to free medical services in state or private clinics that have a contract with the Health Insurance House, so your chances of recovery are limited.

Compared to state health insurance, private health insurance gives you access to top medical services, but you can choose the best clinics and doctors in Romania and abroad.

Private health insurance can be purchased for a monthly payment and depending on the insurance specifications, you benefit from:

Private health insurance covers the costs of: hospitalization, surgery, medicines and medical devices, outpatient treatment and preventive investigations. With private health insurance, even dental costs, transplants, cancer treatment and even AIDS treatment can be covered.