Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool with no risk to patients, providing practitioners the ability to investigate conditions in depth and make confident diagnoses. Paired with other imaging techniques such as computer tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance and scintigraphy, ultrasound offers clinicians another dimension of insight into their patient’s health – all without any long-term negative effects or contraindications.

Ecografie clinica venart cluj-napoca

The experienced doctors at VenArt perform the following types of ultrasound scans:

In addition to all these ultrasound investigations, VenArt Clinic also performs breast biopsies, thyroid biopsies and so on.

Ultrasound is completely painless and provides accurate information about the shape, size and structure of solid internal organs such as the spleen, liver, pancreas, kidneys, prostate, thyroid gland, breasts and so on. It accurately detects abnormalities and malformations. In addition, it can hemodynamically assess blood flow in organs as well as in peripheral vessels: arteries and veins. Hemodynamic examination is performed using the Doppler technique.

Ultrasound examinations

Ultrasound examinations are powerful and accurate diagnostic methods and are particularly useful in the diagnosis of medical and surgical emergencies. The information provided by ultrasound examinations is morphological, functional and hemodynamic.