Patient and visitor's guide

In the context of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, we pay the utmost attention to the safety of our patients. To prevent risks we have implemented measures to limit the spread of this virus.

  1. We ensure rigorous hygiene of all work spaces, using biocide solutions and disinfectants according to the new epidemiological protocols in force, in compliance with the regulations in force.
  2. The surgeries are equipped with appropriate materials to ensure that the work is carried out in safe conditions for both patients and medical staff.
  3. We provide protective equipment to all clinic staff.
  4. We comply with the instructions of the health authorities and keep in constant contact with them.
  5. Epidemiological triage is carried out for both medical staff and patients.

Safety rules for consultation

  1. If you have travelled abroad in the last 14 days you or members of your family with whom you live or with whom you have come into contact, if you have come into contact with people who have been confirmed with COVID 19 please let us know before you come for your consultation.
  2. Clinic access is not available if you have cold or flu symptoms – please let us know for rescheduling.
  3. Please arrive 10 min before your appointment time if you have an accompanying person please do not bring them into the clinic. Companion access is only allowed for minors or patients with reduced mobility.
  4. Your temperature will be taken when you enter the clinic. If it is above 37.3 degrees, you will not be allowed in the clinic and we will have to reschedule you.

Also in the clinic please:

  • wear a mask;
  • disinfect yourself;
  • maintain social discrete throughout your stay in the clinic.

All about appointments

Appointments at the VenArt clinic can be made in several ways:

  • By telephone on the clinic’s contact phones;
  • By contact form, where you can request an appointment for a consultation. The clinic reception will call you and guide you step by step, meeting your wishes. You can ask questions and we will help you make a decision according to your needs;
  • By email: you can send an email directly to telling us briefly what condition you have, what you want, and we will call you back and guide you through the next steps.

If the clinic's services do not cover your needs, we can recommend clinics or partners who can help you professionally.

The logistics of a visit to the VenArt clinic

In many cases our patients come to the clinic from other parts of Romania or from other countries. We therefore recommend that when you travel to the clinic you plan your time carefully and allow yourself a sufficient safety margin so that you are not delayed. Clinic locations in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest are listed in the Contact section of the website, and for GPS coordinates you can use google maps.

After surgery you may well have to stay in the clinic for one or more nights and then return for a check-up the next day. There are cases where you cannot fly (flights longer than 2 h) the day after discharge. Please note that if you need more information, this will be given to you at the VenArt clinic reception.

Why choose VenArt Clinic

VenArt Clinic benefits from collaborations with doctors and surgeons with a great track record and high degree of professionalism. The medical staff is well trained and very kind to patients and we try to offer them a stress-free experience. We understand that many patients who come into the clinic for surgery are stressed, which is completely understandable, but in almost all cases the experience is very positive and the feedback and satisfaction has been near superlative from the start.

The VenArt clinic places great emphasis on the cleanliness and sterility of the premises, surfaces, bedding, air and medical instruments. In this respect we use disposable bed linen, detergents that are recommended among the top detergents and disinfectants at European level, epidemiological samples are made according to the European protocols currently in force. We use very fine diffusion machines (super fine non-corrosive vapours) of sterilisation products that disinfect viruses, hepatitis C, HIV, etc. Periodically the clinic surfaces are polished with antibacterial solutions and waxed with substances specific to clinics and hospitals according to European standards.

Health insurance, billing

The VenArt Clinic does not collaborate for the moment with the state health insurance. We hope to have this collaboration in the near future.

For the time being we collaborate with the following medical insurances (more details here):

Allianz Tiriac Asigurare Medicala - Clinica VenArt

Allianz Țiriac

NN Asigurare Medicala - Clinica VenArt

NN Insurance

Signal Iduna Asigurare Medicala - Clinica VenArt

Signal Iduna

Medicover Asigurare Medicala - Clinica VenArt


Star BT Asigurare Medicala - Clinica VenArt

Star BT

Sanopass Asigurare Medicala - Clinica VenArt

Sano Pass

Consultation fees are listed on the clinic’s fees page. They will also be communicated to you over the phone.

The fees for procedures are communicated following consultations and assessment of the complexity and operating time required and the consumables or kits used (where there are several options).

You will receive a receipt or invoice, depending on your preference.

If you are insured (private insurance) the VenArt clinic will contact the insurer and payment will be made between the insurer and the clinic.

For most types of operations an initial deposit is payable, after which the operating theatre is booked.

Payment for the operation is made BEFORE the operation is carried out at the reception, in cash or by card, for patients not insured by the private insurances listed above.