Does it happen that after pregnancy or weight loss your breasts no longer have their original size and shape? Or do you simply want your breasts to be larger or more symmetrical? The perfect solution for you is the operation called breast augmentation which, through various methods, is able to give you the size you dream of and thus give you a boost of self-confidence.

What are breasts?

The breast is the tissue that covers the pectoral muscles in both sexes. Women’s breasts are made up of specialised milk-producing tissue (glandular tissue inactive until pregnancy) as well as fatty tissue. The amount of fat determines the size of the breast.

Post-breast augmentation

Due to the preparation for breastfeeding and the multitude of hormones during pregnancy, the breasts will enlarge and the once stretched skin takes a long time to return to its previous shape. For the skin to return to its previous shape, it requires collagen, which unfortunately decreases with age. Breast augmentation surgery speeds up the process of returning the breasts to their original shape. The procedure can also be accompanied by a breast lift.

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Do you want bigger breasts or more symmetry?

As part of the consultation, your surgeon will explain a set of different methods by which you can enlarge or a procedure to achieve symmetrical breasts. The type of implant has a big influence on the final result, their placement can be just as important.

implant silicon

Are you simply unhappy with your breasts?

We understand that today the potential to make changes to your body’s appearance is staggering compared to the possibilities of the past. It is important, however, to understand that change for change’s sake is not always a reasonable reason. That’s why we will discuss with you not only the reasons, but also the options we can turn to for breast augmentation.

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What are the breast augmentation techniques?

One of the techniques you might opt for is fat transfer breast augmentation. This is a method in which fat is taken from other parts of the body and used in breast reconstruction. There are advantages considered by some to be superior to implants, namely that by using an organic and completely natural material, the results could be longer lasting and being your own fat, the possibility of rejection is excluded. Another important advantage of this technique is the change in the appearance of two separate body regions: the breasts will increase in size and the areas from which fat is removed will be reduced.

The second technique, which is more widely used nowadays, is augmentation with breast implants. The implants are adapted to the patient and come in different shapes (spherical or anatomical), so we can choose the size we want. The results are more predictable and can create a more significant transformation. Some breast implants contain a saline solution and are more natural than silicone breast implants and much safer in case of implant rupture. Breast implant rupture is a relatively rare complication (1% recent PubMed statistics).

Thus, breast implants are usually positioned either directly under the breast tissue or under the pectoral (submuscular) muscles. Each type of positioning comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, and your surgeon will recommend the technique that suits you best.

These will fade anyway over time, but the visibility of the scars will also depend on the type of incision, where and how they were made. You will discuss with your surgeon the option that suits you best.

Type of scars with breast augmentation-with modern breast-implants

If you would like to explore which method would suit you best, please contact us on the reception phone numbers.